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Getting Personal! Gate Crashers’ Author Interviews

Said | Jun 15 2015

If isn’t personal what the heck is it?

Author Interviews That Rock


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Introducing Author

Kimberley Griffiths Little

And her exciting, exotic, YA adventure romance


Forbidden 2

Forbidden Card 2Pamela and Kimberley chat about all things, “Forbidden!”

PKW: Kimberley, I’m delighted to be interviewing you here on Ink & Angst. Your career as an author has been a delight to follow and now I’m very excited about the leap you’ve taken into the wonderful, tumultuous world of epic Young Adult romance and adventure!

KGL: YOU have been a wonderful friend and cheerleader to me for several years, Pam – thank you!!

PKW: I’m always happy to cheerlead for you, Kimberley! I’ve enjoyed each and every one of your middle grade novels, and I’m curious, what made you take the leap into Young Adult?

KGL: I’ve been asked this question a lot since FORBIDDEN launched, but I’ve actually been writing Young Adult almost as long as Middle-Grade. I started plotting and drafting FORBIDDEN in 2003 – eek! (And I have a few other YA *practice* manuscripts sitting in my drawers from the 1990s!).

FORBIDDEN has an extraordinarily long journey of too many revisions to count, changing POV, before finally landing a deal with one of the Five New York publishers in 2008—only to take the manuscript back in 2011—suffice it to say that they wanted me to turn it into a middle-grade novel—which it absolutely is NOT. This is an edgy Young Adult crossover Adult with temple prostitution and a near-rape.

It was a nerve-wracking time, but my agent had confidence in the book and it didn’t take long before Harpercollins picked it up in a Significant deal. FORBIDDEN was scheduled for 2013 but then Harper delayed it to 2014. The *end* of 2014 no less, LOL! The publishing journey has been a sprawling saga, just like the book itself.

BUT – I believe books come out when they’re ready to be born and that timing can be crucial. I think FORBIDDEN would have been lost had it been published 6 years ago during the Twilight and Harry Potter rage. Nobody was reading or pubbing historical fiction.

Forbidden 3PKW: One thing I especially love about your books is your settings. Your MG books set in the bayou have all been thrilling, in part because of the unusual location. With FORBIDDEN you’ve taken readers to an especially unusual location, Mesopotamia and on top of that you’ve set the stage back in time. What motivated this setting?

KGL: I’ve been fascinated by the ancient roots of belly dancing and goddess temples for more than 15 years, reading voraciously about the history and lifestyle. Two years ago one of my dreams came true. I was able to travel to Jordan and visit Petra and Amman, explore the majestic desert and mountains of Wadi Rumm in jeeps, and meet Bedouins in their tents and caves, as well as ride a camel of my own. The word “fabulous” is an understatement.

PKW: Your books are obviously expertly and richly researched. FORBIDDEN is most certainly a historical fiction; do you have a special affinity for research and history?

KGL: I love it when readers tell me that they feel completely immersed in the place/setting of my books. I do love research/learning about other cultures and people and trying to bring it alive in very specific details. Historical fiction is like a Time Machine—without the risk. FORBIDDEN is so exotic and different than most historical fiction ie; Civil War or WWII stories, that many readers have called the book historical fantasy. I love that description, too.

PKW: How long did it take you to complete your research for FORBIDDEN?

KGL: It was ongoing for a decade at least. I also watched documentaries by archeologists and historians. When I visited these places and saw them for myself I knew that the research I’d done was good because, upon my return home, I only tweaked a couple of sentences. That was very gratifying.

PKW: While taking the reader on a journey into another place in time, did you encounter any roadblocks?

KGL:The biggest roadblock is trying to find specific details about the cities and time period. 4,000 years is a loooong time ago. It’s amazing how much info is out there about the ancient cities, like Damascus, Tadmur, and Mari on the Euphrates River, but many details of Jayden’s day-to-day life and travels I based on the way the nomadic people live today because those fundamentals haven’t changed for 5,000 years.

forbidden 5PKW: Jayden is an amazing heroine. She continuously has to dig deep inside herself for strength. What was it like crafting her character?

KGL: I tried to imagine what life would have been like for girls in 1759 BCE; the values, tribal customs, the Abrahamic religion, family life, marriage customs, etc. I wanted Jayden to have to grapple with those issues but I also didn’t want to craft a character who had modern sensibilities either. Whenever I come up with a character I think of the word vulnerable and try to relate it to my MC. I ask myself, how are they vulnerable—because all main characters are in some way, and that really helps me when fleshing them out and their relationships and motivations.

PKW: What do you consider Jayden’s greatest strengths?

KGL: Her faith and love of her family. She’s very devoted and is willing to do anything for the people she loves. She also has a fierce love for a desert that could kill her.

PKW: Jayden grew up in an era and a place where women were often considered nothing more than chattel. How did writing a novel about this character in this place and time make you feel?

KGL: I definitely felt Jayden’s feeling of helplessness. It was a fine balance to have her live under the time period’s mores and yet fight for what she loves and wants, too.

Forbidden-PromoPKW: Jayden encounters many pitfalls, traveling through the desert, loss of loved ones, war, power struggles, fear for the integrity of her body and soul. You address some terrifying issues in this novel, what was that journey like for you, the writer?

KGL: Many readers have wailed, “so much bad happens to Jayden!”

This is true, but what happens to her and how her tribe lives and travels in the brutal desert is very much true to life – thousands of years and in present day. Men did control women at that time – and yet there could also be loving and devoted family men, too. I tried to have characters that depicted many types. I’ve also lost many close family and friends to death (in some very tragic ways, too) starting back when I was young so I was able to draw on my own experiences to show Jayden’s emotions of loss as well as her fears and helplessness.

forbidden 1PKW: Jayden falls in love with a forbidden stranger, Kadesh. But she is promised to Horeb, the next king of her tribe. Loving Kadesh means she must escape or die trying. That is one hell of a conflict for a young girl and a terrible choice. How did you make these choices for your character?

KGL: It took a lot of time (years by the end of the process!) to figure out each character and what they would face, but I also tried to juxtapose character opposites who would push and pull against each other to show the conflicts, choices, and hard decisions that girls went through during that time period.

forbidden 2PKW: Horeb does some frightening things to Jayden, was digging deep into yourself for those kinds of scenes exhausting?

Those scenes were difficult to write. When Horeb attacks Jayden and tries to rape her, scarring her body with his knife in the process I rewrote and fine-tuned that scene so many times I truly lost count. I wondered how realistic and how far I could take it, but in the end I tried not to censor myself and just wrote it true to the characters and the time period.


PKW: Your descriptions of Mesopotamia are so visceral, beautiful and compelling. Did you visit the locations personally?



KGL: Yes! You can see pictures from my trip and belly dancers on my Pinterst boards here:

PKW: The end of FORBIDDEN left me breathlessly hoping for more. Is there a sequel in the works?

KGL: Yes! It’s a trilogy. BANISHED publishes on February 2nd. Book 3, RETURNED, a year later. I’m doing a Cover Reveal on June 16th with lots of fabulous prizes on several of the big Young Adult blogs so please come join us for teasers and graphics. Find me on Facebook and Twitter and you won’t miss out.

PKW: FORBIDDEN’s book cover is beautiful and vibrant. How did you feel at first glance?

KGL: The red was so vibrant I loved it. The color red has great metaphorical meaning in Mesopotamia. Red for blood, red for birth, red for the canyon lands—and red for passion, of course.

The girl on the cover is perfect, too. Harpercollins used the same girl for the photo shoots for Books 2 and 3 in the trilogy. With each book Jayden’s face turns to face the camera more and more – and her hair and the dresses they chose are fantastic.

PKW: Your official book trailer is compelling. How did you go about making it?

KGL: This is a fun story: I’ve created book trailers for my MG novels, too, and I love writing the script and planning out the shots, using film I’ve shot myself on location. But for FORBIDDEN I wanted it to truly look like an actual movie. I hired a young man I’ve known since he was a child who has his film degree from Columbia. After we discussed the script I wrote we decided to focus on Jayden and not clutter the trailer with too many shots or stills. The entire trailer is live action. Justin also found a location in southern Utah called Little Sahara Sand Dunes that looks VERY much like the country of Jordan.

Justin met Sela, the actress, on the set of another film he was involved with and sent her photo along to me. She looks just like the Bedouin girls I met in Petra, beautiful and exotic. Sela’s mother is a makeup artist and in one afternoon they did all the shooting. Justin and I spent about 2-3 weeks choosing the footage and editing. I planned out the opening titles and credits and sent Justin the graphics and fonts he needed. It was definitely a join project and labor of love.

PKW: Reading your books, it’s obvious you love to grow character, setting and plot. Would you share with us your favorite thing about writing?

KGL: The excitement of a new book idea and the creation of the characters and plot – all the fun brainstorming is definitely what I love. I love fast drafting and *living* the story as I write it in real time. Revision makes me pull my hair out, and I eat way too many cookies while revising, which is sooo bad for my waistline.

PKW: If you could say one thing to your readers about FORBIDDEN what would it be?

KGL: FORBIDDEN is a dark, exotic thriller in a land of mystery and intrigue filled with dangerous betrothals, belly dance, ancient goddess temples, tribal warfare, murder and blackmail.

The novel is very different from any other YA novel out there—and different from most historical novels, too, but it’s a great mother-daughter story and a good one to choose for your book club. There are so many topics to discuss.  

KGL: Thank you so much for having me here today!

PamW3-481x250PKW: It’s always a pleasure to have you! Thank you for sharing your awesome talents with Ink & Angst readers and young people everywhere!


You can purchase FORBIDDEN here.


Kimberley grew up in San Francisco reading a book a day, and currently live with my family on the banks of the Rio Grande in New Mexico. I adore Paris, Scotland, Stonehenge, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Bulgaria, the stunning city of Petra, and anything old and musty and ancient. I’ve drunk so much Land of Enchantment water that some of that ancient magic got into my blood and now spurts out my pencil—I mean ergonomic keyboard. I adore anything old and musty with a secret story to tell.

Awards: Southwest Book Award, Whitney Award for Best Youth Novel, Bank Street College Best Books of 2011, 2013 and 2015, Crystal Kite Finalist, and New Mexico Book Award Finalist. Sign up for my Newsletter:

Kimberley’s Social Media sites:

Website (Teacher’s Guides and Book Club Guides)




Youtube (Fabulous book trailers filmed on location in the swamps!)



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Getting Personal! Gate Crashers’ Author Interviews

Said | Apr 26 2015

Jodi Meadows

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If isn’t personal what the heck is it?

Author Interviews That Rock

Introducing Author

Jodi Meadows 

And her thrilling YA Science Fiction Fantasy 

The Orphan Queen

A mini interview


About Jodi:

Jodi Meadows lives and writes in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, with her husband, a cat named Kippy, and an alarming number of ferrets. She is a confessed book addict, and has wanted to be a writer ever since she decided against becoming an astronaut. She is the author of the INCARNATE Trilogy and the ORPHAN QUEEN Duology.

Here’s The Blurb!

Adventure, intrigue, and romance combine in a new fantasy duology from Incarnate series author Jodi Meadows. When Princess Wilhelmina was a child, the Indigo Kingdom invaded her homeland. Ten years later, Wil and the other noble children who escaped are ready to fight back and reclaim Wil’s throne. To do so, Wil and her best friend, Melanie, infiltrate the Indigo Kingdom palace with hopes of gathering information that will help them succeed. But Wil has a secret—one that could change everything. Although magic has been illegal for a century, she knows her ability could help her save her kingdom. But magic creates wraith, and the deadly stuff is moving closer and destroying the land. And if the vigilante Black Knife catches her using magic, she may disappear like all the others. . . . The Orphan Queen delivers epic fantasy, perfect for fans of Graceling by Kristin Cashore, Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson, and Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.

And some other cool things I & A asks and Jodi tells…

I&A: If you could transport yourself into your book, where would you go/who would you be? 

Jodi: I think living in my book would be a very dangerous place. In INCARNATE, I guess I’d be okay being one of the unnamed people in the background, though I’m not sure what use I’d be to the society. In THE ORPHAN QUEEN . . . I’d probably be dead already. Book worlds are dangerous. I’ll stick to my real-life world of staying at home and wearing pajamas.

I&A: Was it difficult to create a world with special rules?

Jodi: Creating worlds is hard. There’s a new challenge every time, which I think is one of the reasons that fantasy writers tend to write longer series. After spending so long working out not just the rules, but the geography and culture and various naming systems, you really want to get some mileage out of that effort!

I&A: Do you listen to tunes while you write? 

Jodi: Yes, often. Sometimes I feel the need for silence, but a lot of the time I’ll have a specific song that puts me in the mood to write a certain story or type of scene. Usually I’ll end up playing one song on loop for hours and hours while I write, until it’s like white noise.

I&A: Your cover art is gorgeous, how did you feel when you first saw it?

Jodi: I was thrilled with the art for THE ORPHAN QUEEN. I saw several versions of the same idea and loved the concept of Wilhelmina in a mirrored cloak so much. It’s so right for her and this story in so many ways. I also love the details in the background: there’s a city on the right side, with mirrors reflecting the light; there’s a castle on the left; and the mountains with what might be the wraith coming across. I love how moody and atmospheric the cover is. It definitely sends out THIS IS A FANTASY BOOK signals.

And there you have it! A mini-view with Jodi Meadows!

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Pamela K Witte

How a writer’s path to e-publishing became a hero’s journey.

Said | Jan 21 2015

Pamela K Witte

Pamela K Witte

I published an ebook this week— Jet Lee: Dragon Warrior, a small, but heartfelt project that has me brimming with pride!

Click the pics for awesome Pamela k Witte links!

My career as a writer has been quite a journey, and looking at Jet Lee Dragon Warrior on today, I can’t help knowing that my journey has been that of a true hero. I’ve traveled down a writer’s road filled with potholes, bumps and curves and it has been the most phenomenal experience of my life.

When Jet Lee Dragon Warrior came to me on a sleepless night, thoughts and ideas whirled around my insomniac’s brain, demanding my attention until a plot took shape. Jet Lee and his sidekicks wouldn’t leave me alone. Their story was short and engaging and awesome. So, I challenged myself to write it in six weeks. My critique group promised to keep me honest. Forty-two days later I had the first draft of a book. It was a quick read, action packed, fast-paced, exciting, and it had heart. It would be a wonderful book for reluctant readers, kids who dread complicated plots and humungous words. Quite pleased with myself, I sent it off to an editor friend who said it would be difficult to market…

JetLVSRedEyesSo, poor Jet Lee Dragon Warrior sat on my hard drive.

A few years later, while working as an author advocate, I was struck by the amazing phenomena that had recently become self-publishing and e-publishing. The concept that had once been a sort of murky, ambiguous form of getting your words out was now plausible and popular. I thought of Jet Lee, stuck away in my computer, and felt a project brewing. Knowing that any project worth doing is worth doing right, I decided to approach e-publishing with an ALL IN attitude.

Throughout my writer’s journey, I’ve made every effort to do things well. I started with the study of writing and reading books. I took courses, joined associations, went to conferences, learned to blog, mixed, mingled, gained name recognition and turned into an avid author’s advocate. All of these things paid off when I decided to try publishing myself.

While poising myself to launch Jet Lee Dragon Warrior, I developed a fun website,, that reflects both me and Jet Lee. I challenged myself to design professional marketing materials. I conquered social media, built Facebook pages, learned the intricacies of tweeting, networked, and jumped at any opportunity to work on new projects that would help me with my own. I became so proficient with design and technology that I joined the Book Store Building Team at SCBWI and spent many long hours launching their beautiful online bookstore.

Along my path to e-publishing I found an exciting, affordable illustrator, learned how to format a manuscript, took advantage of every person willing to read and edit my words. Then finally, I sat back in my desk chair, took hold of my mouse and clicked my way onto When I found Jet Lee Dragon Warrior looking very real and legitimate, pride sizzled through every blood vessel and vein in my body. My heart thumped. My fingertips tingled. I knew I was my own hero and I smiled.

Jet Lee Final Cover

Children’s books are my passion. I’ve spent countless hours writing, reading and learning about the joys and pitfalls of writing a good kid’s book. My next goal is to have a beautiful, traditionally published hardbound copy of one of my adventures sitting in my office right beside my computer. E-publishing Jet Lee Dragon Warrior is just one proud step of my journey and it happily reminds me that I’m far from finished!

Jet Post Card-1

Jet Post Card-2


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lisha cauthen

Tech Yourself: IT’S CHRISTMAS, GUYS!

Said | Dec 08 2014

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of working like a demon.   It’s the holidays, for crying out loud. Let’s goof off a little.


elfELFYOURSELF by Office Depot, Inc. –Ah, the granddaddy of them all. Elf Yourself debuted nine years ago, can you believe it? One dance is provided for free, but there are twelve others you can purchase for a nominal amount. Put your friends’ faces on elf bodies and go nutz.






santaAppy Christmas–This is one of those repeat-what-I-say characters, but it’s SANTA! Who also morphs into a REINDEER! And has his own stock phrases and an advent calendar and a how-many-sleeps-until-Christmas thingie. HEAR YOUR OWN WORDS TOSSED BACK IN YOUR FACE, BUT MERRILY.





glinchDr. Seuss Camera–The Grinch Edition–Who doesn’t want to get Grinched? Pictures with cut-outs to stick your mug in, as well as whole-person matting. So it’s a couple of bucks–what are a thousand beautiful memories worth? *cough*






liteChristmas Light Displays–Put in your zip code or allow this app to find your location and get a mapful of local super-duper Christmas light displays. Really good when you’re dragging home from a day at the mall.






fracFractal Christmas–And when you’re sitting alone in the multi-colored glow of your tree, exhausted,  hungry and broke, try this red and green fractalizer. The perfect space-out app.







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Pamela K Witte

Welcome to the AWESOME A Path To Publishing Blog Hop!

Said | Nov 30 2014

A Path to Publishing

Click the pics for groovy links.

Stick with us till the end for SOME AMAZING PRIZES!

Ink & Angst is excited to Host 2 amazing ladies, Jill Corcoran and Martha Alderson, on our blog today, along with the FABULOUS program they have put together to help authors get their book published and to learn how to revise their own novels in a manner that will make manuscripts shine!!

"Not only are these ladies brilliant, they are fun. They take the time to make a difference. They are genuine, the real deal." P.K. Witte

“Not only are these ladies brilliant, they’re fun. They take the time to make a difference. They’re genuine, the real deal.” P.K. Witte

First, check out this program!


Jill and Martha offer writers two video series with more in production!

1) PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month

8 videos, 5.5 hours + 3- hands-on exercises

Congratulations! You have written a draft of a novel. You’ve accomplished what many writers merely talk about and dream of doing – you have written an entire story from beginning to end. When you finish celebrating, it is time to revise: to re-envision and rewrite what you’ve written into a novel that agents, editors and readers will devour.

Writing a great plot involves craft and skill and know-how. Before you undertake a major rewrite, first consider your story from all angles with the help of step-by-step instruction and daily exercises. You know you’re ready to rewrite when you’ve checked all the essential elements for creating an exciting story with compelling characters and a meaningful plot.

2) How to Write and Sell a Picture Book with a Plot

7 videos explain how to plot, write and sell picture books + provide exercises on how to immediately integrate the concepts into your own unique story. Learn about all the different kinds of picture books, examples of character-driven and action-driven picture books, how to develop winning picture book concepts, what are the major turning points in every great picture book with a plot, writing, voice, character goals and motivation, how to revise, testing your theme and take-away, who to submit to and so much more…

Here’s How the Video Series Work

Each video includes an in-depth look at the specific elements promised and how to consider these essential story principles as you write, revise, rewrite, sell your story. Writing assignment(s) guide you with step-by-step instruction.

Whether you decide to watch all the videos in a row and then go back and do the exercises or jump right in to the 1st video’s exercise, work at your own pace and take more or less time on the step-by-step exercises. The series are designed to fit into even the busiest of schedules. Sign in and watch video lectures, complete homework assignments, and ask questions in a public forum on a timetable that fits your needs.

 Reviews of the series

“The amount of time, heartache, frustration, and hell that these videos are saving me from is immeasurable.” Kirsten Walgren Tulsian

“Don’t wait until you have a first draft to get the video series. If you have an inkling of a concept, get the video series. The videos will show you how to define your energetic markers. You’ll learn the difference between crisis and climax. The 8 videos constitute a ‘top to toe’ writing course. 
Jill Corcoran & Martha Alderson, thank you for giving me the opportunity to call myself a writer with pride.” Dolly D Napal

“I have been writing, writing, writing, and reading about writing, but I knew I was still missing the mark. How I write and rewrite books will be forever changed for the better. ” Wendy McLeon MacKnight

“I felt overwhelmed with my latest revision. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I’m just on day one.” Rick Rowe

Shout Outs:

* The 1st draft you let yourself write any old way. Now revise your story from every angle

* Can’t seem to #finish your #novel? Ready to give up? Before you do, revise!

* I’m finding the revision process FUN! Did I actually say that? Loving this process, thank you!  * Friends don’t let friends #revise alone

Now, Let’s introduce Jill and Martha!


Jill Corcoran

 Jill Corcoran is the founder of Jill Corcoran Literary Agency and co-founder of A Path A Publishing.


Martha Alderson

Martha Alderson, author of The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master, is known as “The Plot Whisperer” for the help she offers writers worldwide. She is the founder of PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month and the award-winning blog The Plot Whisperer


These ladies not only brought us these amazing author tools, but also offer another service with 2 levels of Participation (Participants and Observers):

Office Hours

2nd Thursday of every month

9:30-11:30am Pacific


Active Participants and Observers

ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS: 8 authors each have 15 minutes to work with The Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson and Literary Agent Jill Corcoran on whatever you want help

with. Read part of your manuscript, query, discuss energetic markers, concept, brainstorm plot, characters, etc and receive feedback you can immediately apply to your work.

Active participants must watch either Plotwrimo: Revise Your Novel in a Month or How to Write & Sell a Picture Book Videos. This gives us a common language and baseline

understanding of underlying plot and story concepts for better communication.

Receive a critique of your First Pages, Query, Concept, or get help with your Characters, Where to Start your Story, Crisis, Climax, etc. It is your time…your choice

 ***OBSERVERS: 15 observer spots. As an observer, you do not participate/read your work, but listen and learn from others during these sessions.Active Participants and Observers


Jill & Martha

“Hanging out with Jill & Martha via APTP is almost as cool as having lunch together. They are that accessible and friendly!” P.K. Witte

Here’s the scoop from folks who’ve  shared their thoughts about their APTP experience here at Ink & Angst…

Keep reading till the end to find something VERY cool.

Wendy McLeod MacKnightWendy McLeod MacKnight

How did buying the Revise Your Novel in a Month videos and the Advanced Revisions Workshops change my writing life? How didn’t they change my writing life? For months before I stumbled upon Jill – who in turn led me to stumble upon Martha – I had been toiling away, writing, writing, writing, and reading the odd book about writing. I participated in a local small critique group. But for some reason, my work didn’t seem to hang together. I would revise with no understanding of what revision really was – wasn’t that just grammar and spell-checking? And if my beta readers were confused by my plot holes and leaps of illogic, well they could get in line – I was confused, too! And then these two ladies appeared on my computer screen and I realized that almost every single thing I had done to date was wrong. I had queried too early. I had no mastery of my plot or my characters. Wasn’t the universal story supposed to be for, well literary works surely not my work????? I remember thinking, about ten minutes into the video: I don’t have a clue what I am doing. And then magically, as if they had heard my strangled cry from the woods up here in Canada, one of them acknowledged that I (see I hadn’t even found everyone else yet, at least not really so it did seem as if they were talking just to me!) probably didn’t know what I was doing and that was okay. Phew!
And then there were scene grids and gorgeous plot planners and debates and perilous and thrilling pitch sessions and at the end, I felt like I had taken the best, the most practical, course on writing ever. Even this month, as I churn out my NaNoWriMo draft, I feel this great sense of calm whenever I hit a major bump or when I realize I don’t have a clue what my characters are doing. Don’t worry, Wendy, I tell myself. You’ll watch the videos, you’ll reread all of the places you highlighted in Martha’s books, every scene will address the 7 major points. You will use your plot planner and all will be well.
What I know for sure is that maybe, without Jill and Martha and the videos, I might have eventually written a book that hung together, I might have eventually found a literary agent, but they gave me a wormhole that, with some elbow grease, allowed me to zip forward light years. And who doesn’t want to zip forward light years? So you may wonder if the cost of the course is worth it, but I’m here to say: six months after finding Jill and Martha I began to have agents requesting full manuscripts and now have a literary agent. And that is all thanks to Jill Corcoran and Martha Alderson and these wonderful tools they are offering us!

Laura Fettig Johnson

 Odessa Quinn

APTP has been a complete writing experience for me. I am excited to revise my book, a process I have never felt excited about before. The Plot Revision series of videos has completely changed the way I am revising my novels. I am sequencing challenged, so the plot planner has been exactly what I needed to visualize my story line. I have a huge plot planner on my wall, making it easy to follow the story and make changes as I need to. Each video helped me think about a different aspect of my book. My characters are deeper and richer than I ever could have imagined. I highly recommend purchasing the series, it will help grow writers, no matter their skill level. The APTP Facebook group has become my writer support group helping with everything from “how do I decide who my main character is while writing my concept statement?” to “ugh, I’m having a day of distractions, help!” Both Martha and Jill are often available to answer question directly on the FB page. And finally, Martha’s Plot Whisperer gave me the tools I needed and a great reference guide for any question I have. The whole APTP experience has been amazing.

Zainab KhanZainab Khan

Jill and Martha’s programs are on par with the industry standards. Everything they teach in their videos and classes is taught in snippets by other agents and speakers at the various SCBWI conferences. You get the whole picture on writing picture books or novels through their programs.

The plot whisperer classes are superb. Jill’s and Martha’s positive attitudes keep the classes upbeat. It is a conducive learning environment. They accurately vet your concepts; then with dollops of kindness in tow, they are brutally honest about what works or doesn’t work in a manuscript. Their suggestions to bring a story to perfection are excellent.

I was fortunate to stumble upon their classes. Anyone who has taken their classes or watched their videos, knows their lectures and advice are spot on.

DeeDee Hare Keymel

I found Jill Corcoran a few years ago while searching for a MG agent and she was with the Herman Agency. She didn’t accept my book (now I see why) but I didn’t give up on her. I also found Martha Alderson and watched a few of her videos on YouTube. Again this was several years ago.
When these two women got together, it was the best thing to happen to a want-to-be-published writer like me. I have watched the complete set of videos and they have done wonders for my story. I am on my first re-vision but I see my story has more depth, scenes are more connected, and my characters are emotionally changed and charged.
Thank you, Jill and Martha.

DollyDolly D. Nepal

I was stuck with an uncompleted YA manuscript since 2006. Being on a small rock in the Indian Ocean doesn’t allow me to attend conferences or live workshops as I would like to. With their video series, online workshops, and ongoing support on the APTP Facebook page, Jill Corcoran and Martha Alderson provide us with all the tools we need to work from the CONCEPT, through the ENERGETIC MARKERS, to the end of our project. Hopping onto the APTP ship has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

beth2Beth Navarro

A Path to Publishing finally shone a light on the writerly things I thought would always be difficult for me. Energetic markers are the end of the ‘mushy middle’! Their pitch workshop was wonderful as well. I cannot thank Jill and Martha enough.

John NordlingerJohn Nordlinger

I’ve learned so much this year when I discovered these mavens of story telling; They’ve raised the quality of my tv and feature scripts as well as my YA graphic novel. They re nurturing and supporting, fun and entertaining.

Check out more amazing APTP features!

A PATH TO PUBLISHING services. A Path to Publishing Workshops:

“We often tailor-make advanced workshops for writers who have watched the series to ask questions and receive feedback on your own individual story.” ~Jill & Martha

Watching PlotWriMo & having an educational blast with Jill & Martha.

Watching PlotWriMo & having an educational blast with Jill & Martha.

A Path to Publishing Facebook Group 

Everyone is welcome to join A Path to Publishing Facebook group created by Literary Agent Jill Corcoran and Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson as safe, smart, fun alcove for writers and illustrators to share and learn about the craft of writing and the book biz. This is NOT a place to sell your books but a wonderful forum for us all to advance our skills, our creativity, and our dreams plus learn about what Jill and Martha are up to at A PATH TO PUBLISHING.

Be sure to follow along and see what others are saying about these services and how they have helped them! Read individual reviews and more information about how this video series can help you.

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And there you have it. Everything you need to know to get started at APTP. Check it out. Just do it. You’ll be glad you did!

Okay, obviously you still want more. Here’s a peek at something cool and practical…

APTP folks learn how to design Plot Planners !

Check this out. Then you’re done. Really. For real.

APTP Writers benefit from a visual representation of the plot and structure of their stories. The Plot Planner shows how the 3 essential elements of plot rise and fall together – the Dramatic Action and Character Emotional Development create Thematic Significance. When you begin planning your plot, the route you determine is likely sketchy with lots of gaps and dead-ends, but these will be smoothed over and filled in as you come to know your story and characters better.

MArtha's plot planner

Okay, Martha’s Plot Planner is just plain cute!

Stephanie's plot plannerPlot Plannerplot planner2

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